Marketing is a very interesting field, and it has taken a new turn. These days, marketing does not involve educating prospective customers about various services so that they can make the right decision.

Marketing these days employs the use of emotional strategies and influencing tactic so that customers can make their decisions based on what product to buy, using their emotions basically.

This is the danger which is inherent in the addiction process.

Addiction is as a result of indulging in an obsessive and compulsive act or substance use, in order to derive pleasure.

These days, marketing has rebranded these acts as being normal and this is why people do not really have an understanding of what addiction is.

Taking substance addiction for example, it results from substance abuse, and this is promoted by marketing.

You will see alcohol being rebranded as something which ensures you are active and not dull.

The sad part is, the side-effects which comes with alcohol are not usually highlighted, so that prospective customers would not be dissuaded from buying it.

Addiction has lots of negative effects, and for those who think there are positive effects, they are usually short-lived.

In the long run, if an individual’s addiction is not well catered for, the person could die in the process as a result of damage to the internal organs of the body.

Therefore, it is necessary that those who are addicted should seek treatment before it is too late.

One of the set of people who are at the forefront in the fight against substance abuse or any form of addiction, are health practitioners.

Hence, it is advised that they use marketing as a means to sensitize their locality on the detrimental effects of addiction.

The means of marketing should be top-notch, so that it can promote the exact intended message.

Once this is done on a regular basis, it is certain that people would have a good understanding of how addiction works, and this would reduce the rate of addiction in the populace of a nation.


It is a well-known fact that the purpose of marketing is to make us aware of certain things which we most times, do not need at that moment. However, it could happen that periods could arise when we would be in dire need of those products, and we would search for them painstakingly.

It can be said that the proficiency of the marketing methods used prior to when you needed the product, would determine if you would get it promptly or not.

Also, most times, marketing makes some content available to us which we do not take full consciousness of, except for certain contents such as money, food, sex and alcohol. When it comes to the aforementioned contents, it would interest you to know that, it would be difficult for you to forget.

When it comes to addiction, marketing has played a huge role in making it known to people; even making some of them getting addicted in the process.

Marketers put up addictive items for sale, such as food or alcohol, in such a manner that it would not look harmful, and there would be a subtle advocate for the absence of self-control.

Someone who is well-informed, would tell you the rate at which the product should be used. However, the marketer would make no mention of that, and would also leave out the possible consequences which come with taking or using the product more than usual.

Taking alcohol for example, a good number of marketers show alcohol as something which can be consumed and have no side-effects. It is usually portrayed as something which comes with great rewards.

When addicts come across these advertisements, it becomes even harder for them to quit, as they would come to believe that the product would bring no harm to them. Hence, it reduces the light of the situation, making it look less serious than it should actually be.

Conclusively, it can be said that marketing has done more harm than good when it comes to the misrepresentation which it has shown of addictive substances, and this act is currently on the rise.