3 Marketing mediums to enlighten people about addiction

The prevalence of addiction is more widespread than before. As people, corporate bodies and organizations strive to reduce the rate of addiction, other mediums encourage addiction. One of the proficient means to make sure the rate of addiction reduces, is by using effective marketing means to enlighten people.

Here are 3 marketing mediums to teach people about addiction:

  • Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth marketing has been one of the most proficient marketing means even before the internet was invented. And the interesting fact is, if the normal marketing mediums fade off in due time, word of mouth marketing will last forever.

The reason for this is, talking is an integral part of us. In our day-to-day activities, we market various products and services with our mouths without being aware.

In the enlightenment of people about addiction, word of mouth marketing would come in handy because it is easy to convince people when you speak. Word of Mouth marketing can even be done proficiently on the internet, the media space, real-life campaigns and a host of others.

  • Social Media

With the invention of the internet, the social media has proved to be one of the strongest force in marketing and communication. Almost everyone is on one social media platform or the other and this has made it very easy to spread information at the speed of light.

People learn different things from the various social media platforms available, and it would be a great idea to increase the awareness of addiction. There are several people who do not know they are addicted. Heck! There are a number of people who know they are addicted but they do not know it is bad.

If it is done expertly, the social media would be a great means to educate people about the ills of addiction.  

  • Print Media

Even though the social media seems to have edged out the print media, it is still very effective in marketing. The print media can be used to spread truths about addiction, and those who can read or interpret images depicting the ills of addiction would be able to get the message. 

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